Find Your Hustle On the Hive Blockchain

Buy, Sell, Trade, and Advertise

Market Your Products, Services, Contests, NFTs, DEFI, and More! As well as find an online home for your business!

Affiliates and Marketing

Master Affiliate Marketing and Email List Building While Being Apart of a Vibrant Community!

Trading, Investing, and Finance

If You Like To Talk Investing, Trading, Cryptos, Stocks, Options, and More… Then You Have a Place on Hive!

Gaming On The Blockchain

The Gaming World Had Changed. Blockchain Games Not Just Offer Fun, But Incentives!

NFT Art and Collectables

Artist Can Tokenize Their Digital Art and Sell on the Blockchain. Not an Artist? Become An Art Dealer!

And So Much More…

What Is HiveHustlers?

HiveHustlers is a community created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. No matter what your hustle, you can find a place on the Hive Blockchain! If you are new to the blockchain world, don’t worry, our wonderful community members can help you get your journey started! All you have to do is make the decision to join in the conversation and dive into the future of Web 3.0!

We understand that getting into cryptocurrency and blockchain can be a bit difficult to navigate and understand, especially for those in the business world that is used to the traditional ways of doing things. We have a global and diverse community of entrepreneurs that are ready and willing to help you get started on your journey to true decentralized freedom!

The Hive blockchain is made of of many different communities that all offer their own special functions. For example, the Hivelist Classifieds community is a buy, sell, trade, and advertising community, and the CTPTalk community is all about affiliate marketing and email list building. Separate, they have their own functions, but can be used together for even more outreach, knowledge building, and overall success!

So no matter what your hustle is, or what kind of hustle you are looking to get into, you have a place here! All you have to do to get started is register for a Hive account! If you are not a member of the Hive community yet, that’s okay, we can help you get that journey started as well! Join in our Discord server even if you aren’t a member of Hive! Once you feel a bit more comfortable, then you can create your Hive account, and truly join the party and start earning some cryptocurrency!

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Need Tools?

Check out the Hustler Resource Library for a host of tools that can be used to help you get your business connected with the Hive Blockchain and other crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more!

If you have a resource to offer, we would love to add it to the library! We are always looking for tools and services to share with our community! We are all building the future of the internet together so the more tools we have in our tool boxes the better!

Hustler Token Economy

The HiveHustlers token economy which is made of of 3 tokens, Hustler Dollar (HUSTLER), Hivelist Token (LIST), and Hivecommerce Token (COM). Staking COM tokens earns daily drips in SIM, CTP, LIST, WEED, PIZZA, and soon LEO

Earn tokens by though our HustlerFarms by delegating to either the @hivehustlers account or the @hivelist account and get paid daily rewards, or simply by posting to the community!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A HiveHustler?