Introducing The Beerologist at ExtrAnalytics

Hi all,

As a member of the HiveHustler community, I am delighted to publish my first post through the website. Another fantastic milestone. While I am writing a post, I think it should count. Hivehustlers don’t mess about without some goal in mind.┬áTherefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my very own project (and side hustle), which is called The Beerologist. The Beerologist is a newsletter on substack and forms part of ExtrAnalytics, a scientific consulting company that supports small and large beer brewer outfits.

ExtrAnalytics has expertise in Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Through our bespoke scientific consulting services, we map out, understand, and fill your knowledge gaps in brewing-associated sciences. In addition, we can expand the range of analytical and experimental tools, available to brewers, by expanding brewer skills sets. Through our work with people, businesses, and (inter)national organisations, we quickly understand and address your needs, big or small.

ExtrAnalytics started trading in November 2020 and has now developed a range of services at affordable prices. I would encourage any brewer to sign up to our free newsletter, get in touch with any queries and let us help you make the most delicious beer.


Edgar, The Beerologist at ExtrAnalytics


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