How To Register With is a Hive Bridge site built with WordPress that gives you the best of both worlds, simplicity of traditional social media, and the ability to post and access the Hive blockchain!


Registering with Hivehustlers is simple and we will walk through it step by step.

First you will click on the Community menu option:


When you get to the next page, you will see the Activity Feed, which is our off chain social network, here you will click on Register, or if you want to use an existing social network such as: Discord, Facebook, Github, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and WordPress.


If you click on the Register option, you will go directly to the registration page. If you click Login, you will go to the Login page, but will see an option to register. When on the registration page, you have 3 options to use to register your account.

  1. You can use the existing social login options as the prior page
  2. Login using an Ethereum crypto wallet like Metamask or another Wallet Connect ETH wallet.
  3. Register with a username and email address.


That’s it! When you register your account for the first time, you will then be taken to your backend dashboard, this is a WordPress dashboard with some different styling, so it may look familiar if you have ever used WP. There are some settings you will want to set, but we will discuss that in the next post, Setting Up Your Profile.

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