The Logical Dude’s HiveHustlers – Hivelist Week In Review 2/11/21


Hows it going my beautiful hustler community! Hope everyone is having a productive week. I know I have! It has been kind of a crazy few weeks in general. Okay, so this may be kind of a couple of weeks in review, but who’s counting at this point, right? Haha.

Okay, so at the first of the month, we had the launch of the Hivecommerce Token or COM mining! Just like most tech launches, it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, but the hitch was fixed quickly and mining resumed as I should have! Apparently it wasn’t the best timing, because we were only able to mine for a day before we had to turn it off due to the P2P witness system upgrade from the Hive Engine team, which I was apart of the witness testing and actually the first witness to hit a mainnet block, and then immediately after, missed the next 3, lol. Such is my life. But all is well with the, got an upgraded server to run my witness node on and it hasn’t missed a block since! I am currently sitting in 14th, so if you have WORKERBEE staked, which if you don’t I would think about getting some… It is the equivalent to Hive Power and is now being used for witness governance on the Hive Engine chain, so if you use the tribes, and tokens on Hive Engine, you might want to think about picking up a stake in the governance. Also, WORKERBEE is the miner token for BEE, so you may earn you some BEE tokens as well!

But being at 14th, I need some love to get back to the top 10! I was there at one point and would like to get back in that running! So if you believe in the dude and what he is doing, go send some love, lol. Please…

Go vote for your witnesses on

But meanwhile back to it…

After the server upgrades were going and witnesses were witnessing, we re-enabled COM mining and at that point, we haven’t had any issues since!

Hivelist Markets and Hivelist Delegation Rewards


As you can see, Hivelist has had a crazy run up and the markets really came alive! Now I am sure it was a mistake, but at some point, someone bought a small amount of LIST for over 9 HIVE which drove the price up like crazy and back down, but where it has settled back down and stabilized is very satisfying and I just hope that we can keep some upward momentum going!

Now I know there have been a couple of comments about Hivelist updates, but at this point, the only thing that needs to be done is marketing and me adding more products to the store. Other than that, the platform is up and running the way it was designed. I may make some tweaks and such as time goes along, but for now, Hivelist itself is a full working machine! In the period of the transition with @hivehustlers and making the initial investments into the account that I made after the transition, I also made the purchase of the remaining 4000 BEE of the 5000 that is needed for permanent hosting of the nitrous site. So now we are secure in our growth! Very happy about this! I am also saving up enough rewards to be able to pay for the 10 year domain registration when I re-register So no matter what happens to me, will at least live on, for 10 years at least, and my hope is that my son will live out my instructions and keep it running, and as long as Hive and Hive Engine is still running that is… Here’s to hoping on the next generation, lol.

Here is a little screenshot of the state of LIST as far as tokenomics… Remember, majority of circulation is still locked up in the hivelist.token account which runs the rewards pool for Hivelist POB and POS mechanisms.

Also… We turned on @Hivelist Hive Power delegation payouts as well as @Hivehustlers! So here is how it works…

Delegate Hive Power to the @hivelist account and you will earn daily rewards in LIST staked directly to your wallet. The amount is .05 LIST per Hive Power delegated. With it being automatically staked, this gets you earning more LIST tokens for staking, as well as earn you COM tokens.

As far as the @hivehustlers account, I turned on delegation as well! But in this case, if you delegate Hive Power to the @hivehustlers account, you will then get a daily payout in COM tokens at a rate of .001 COM per Hive Power delegated. The reason for this is we are wanting to payout any COM earnings that the @hivehustlers account earns by staking LIST and HUSTLER dollar. I am staking these tokens for curation purposes. By staking these tokens, as you know by now, the hustlers account is mining some COM tokens. We do not want to stake COM tokens in this account, so we are giving yet ANOTHER WAY to earn COM tokens, but this time with your Hive Power! and SCOTBOT IS LIVE!!!


That’s right! The HiveHustlers scotbot is live! So now if you post to the HiveHustlers community, to with the correct default tags set, or to any other Hive front end using the tags: hivehustlers, hustler, or hivecommerce, You will earn HUSTLER dollars! This is now the only way to earn HUSTLER! I had to create a new account called the @hustler.dollar where I put the remaining 2.5M tokens that were being held in the @hivehustlers account. These tokens are now being used as the rewards pool! Any HUSTLER dollars earned from the @hivehustlers account and the @hivelist account will be sent back to the rewards pool to keep them in circulation for the community! At the rate of issuance that I have set, we should still have a long amount of time for these tokens to be distributed!

As far as is concerned, it is up and ready to go! I am going to be posting some of the same updates and announcements that I put on Discord, on the site. My goal is to move all activity to one place instead of being spread out across Hive and Discord. There will still be Discord activity, but I am trying to tie them together in different ways as well. I am also going to be doing all of my hustler posting from here as well to help build content on this site. But I don’t want to be the only one posting, so come set up your account, link your social stuff, and let’s get the party started! Being a site that I am wanting to use as a bridge between the Web 2 and Web 3 worlds, there are many ways to connect with My goal for is to be the ‘LinkedIn’ of Hive. Kind of the place where any and all entrepreneurs and professionals can connect!

Check out the posts on How to Register with and Setting Up Your Profile!

How To Register With

Setting Up Your Profile- A Visual Guide

So as you see, I have been a busy BEE for sure!


Hope everyone has a great weekend! I need to focus on my delivery business over the weekend, so Hustle on! I will always be in contact, but this is the last major update for the weekend!


Next up on the agenda… Build an off chain social network for and getting started on the rebuild of! After that is, the new community store!


Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!


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