CTP – The community based token for entrepreneurs and online businesses on the blockchain! One of the first ever tokens on Hive Engine with the mission to onboard entrepreneurs and welcome them to the amazing opportunities on the blockchain!

Many of their projects focus around affiliate marketing, email list building, and more! Dive into this awesome community and get some awesome business education along the way!

https://ctptalk.com – CTPTalk on Hive
https://clicktrackprofit.com – Click Track Profit System
https://HE-Index.io – Hive Engine Index Token
https://hivepay.io – Hivepay Payments Engine
https://startearning.today – Training for Making Money Online
https://listnerds.com – Simplified Email List Building
https://thehiveguide.com – Guided Lessons and Tutorials for the Hive Blockchain

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What’s New on CTP Talk

- davidesimoncini

1 August 2021 I finished a 58.126km cycling that lasted about 4hh:7mm:12ss Hello Hive! Yesterday in the beginning of the… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- luckyali

Following discipline and consistency will change your whole life and how important is to follow it Hello people good day… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- fredkese

} ![427C3D58-9335-4DB0-BE50-AF97F12C610A.jpeg]( Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge: >* Black and white images that represent any… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- pablodare

get to the reward of the day #hustler #spt #gaming #spanish #sportstalk #hbd #dbuzz #hive #ctp #pob [See More on CTP Talk...]

- alokkumar121

Moving more toward digitization also increases the need for the cloud because it allows us to store data that we… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- mightyrocklee

Wow, i cannot believe my eyes, the season rewards are worth a whooping $36.55. I got 6284 DEC ($31.58 worth… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- timzey

it is nice to be here seeing a lot of motivated minds and creative people. my journey to hive community… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- tinta-tertuang

Hello good friends ..! The fertility of the soil surface can be felt by all plants, while passing through a… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- pablodare

saque el sorteo especial de los domingos del normal diario. este son solo los resultados. SI COMENTAN SE CONTARA COMO… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- specialfeelings

ENGLISH I have been playing in Rising Star for 2 months now. Time goes by so quickly. I remember when… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- sreypov

Happy Sunday to everyone! Monkey-B and I went to find insects in the banana garden but we didn’t find any… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- alokkumar121

Hello Everyone Good Day to you and I hope that you are doing well on this Monday. Today in this… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- thebeardflex

Hey everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful week! Let's jump right into things! HiveIsBeautiful For those who don't know,… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- asean.hive

ASEAN Hive Weekly Top 3 🏆 July 26th- August 1st, 2021      Welcome to the ASEAN Hive Weekly Top… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- justinparke

When I want to take a lightning fast trip to funny town, there is nothing better than television bloopers, especially… [See More on CTP Talk...]