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CTP – The community based token for entrepreneurs and online businesses on the blockchain! One of the first ever tokens on Hive Engine with the mission to onboard entrepreneurs and welcome them to the amazing opportunities on the blockchain!

Many of their projects focus around affiliate marketing, email list building, and more! Dive into this awesome community and get some awesome business education along the way!

https://ctptalk.com – CTPTalk on Hive
https://clicktrackprofit.com – Click Track Profit System
https://HE-Index.io – Hive Engine Index Token
https://hivepay.io – Hivepay Payments Engine
https://startearning.today – Training for Making Money Online
https://listnerds.com – Simplified Email List Building
https://thehiveguide.com – Guided Lessons and Tutorials for the Hive Blockchain

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What’s New on CTP Talk

- bien

**Day four on hauling and transfering materials from CIA main campus to CIA second campus. It's been a very huge… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- uyobong

I don't do this quite often but I needed to do so today. I have stood on the shoulders pf… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- phul

Today (and yesterday) was spent almost entirely on figuring out how to manage the input side of things, as different… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- newton666

Saludos compañero de vuelta en otra entrega de comida y cocina, donde el día de hoy es una receta  creada… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- alt-runner

## Portal Opens Up And Human Are Shooting Down Alien Alien were quickly Shot down by brave human. if you… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- stickupmusic

Hello everybody, I've just arrived in the hive and am now buzzin. I wanted to introduce myself and get to… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- lyann

After preparing our breakfast I decided to water the plants first before eating. And I saw that our Atis Tree… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- milanie

Hi everyone! I watered the plants outside after breakfast. I walked in going to my workplace and in going home.… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- taskmaster4450

Hive is a platform that is presenting tremendous opportunities to people. We are embarking upon a potential paradigm shift that… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- fredkese

No work yesterday. I had to go to town for some watches. I bought some watches from a friend and… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- el-dee-are-es

Hello everyone! How's your Friday? Mine was not good this morning, But now I'm feeling better. Even though I'm not… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- nuahs

Hello Actifitters! I just have a few activities today. I walked for a few minutes around the house in the… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- fredkese

Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge: >* Black and white images that represent any positive meaning… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- mimismartypants

Hey Rockstars, Time for another edition of Starbits & Cold Pizza! Friday Installment. The easter missions are hoping and I'm… [See More on CTP Talk...]

- tonytrillions

You think stoners are losers? Wow, such valuable insight. Surely this will be the catalyst for me to reconsider my… [See More on CTP Talk...]