CTP – The community based token for entrepreneurs and online businesses on the blockchain! One of the first ever tokens on Hive Engine with the mission to onboard entrepreneurs and welcome them to the amazing opportunities on the blockchain!

Many of their projects focus around affiliate marketing, email list building, and more! Dive into this awesome community and get some awesome business education along the way!

https://ctptalk.com – CTPTalk on Hive
https://clicktrackprofit.com – Click Track Profit System
https://HE-Index.io – Hive Engine Index Token
https://hivepay.io – Hivepay Payments Engine
https://startearning.today – Training for Making Money Online
https://listnerds.com – Simplified Email List Building
https://thehiveguide.com – Guided Lessons and Tutorials for the Hive Blockchain

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Dziś wieczorem wpadliśmy na kolację do Malinowego Dworu, restauracji zlokalizowanej w Rudzie Śląskiej, a tak naprawdę na pograniczu Rudy, Chorzowa… [See More on CTP Talk...]