Passengers on the train!

in Stars7 months ago

Today I took the train to visit my brother. At the station's door, people were rushing to catch their train and not miss it.

Once on board, I looked at all the travelers with me in the same car, each with its own story, goal, direction, and destiny, but we all crossed paths on the same train that day.

The phone rang from a woman who was sitting behind me. She answered with a high-pitched voice that hurt my ears, but she didn't seem to care. She told her whole story. Why she took the train today? Where she was going. Who she was with and when will she come back, and everyone heard what she said. After ten minutes of chatting, she hung up with great pleasure.

In the seat in front of me sat a young man who was well dressed but seemed to be drowning in his papers, reading with great interest what was in front of him. Then, after a quarter of an hour, the train stopped, and he ran off. He was leaving the place to other travelers.

The phone of the lady sitting behind me rang again, and we were forced to hear the same story again. But, unfortunately, she was telling another person.

The young lady next to me seemed embarrassed, she wanted to tell me something, but she didn't dare. Finally, after a few minutes of hesitation, she asked me if I could tell her when we would arrive at the station at her destination. She was afraid she would miss it. I reassured her and said I would tell her when we arrived.

Another young man was watching videos on his phone. He was not paying any attention to what was happening around him. The controller asked him several times for the ticket, but he was on another planet.

I got off this train, on which there were many passengers. Each of them had their own life, each one had their destination, and each had their own story.