Your changes and successes are within you

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In the world, there are different stories. As they say, each head is a world.

Living and thinking is a different life, but although we are different, some coincidences take us all to the same place. Still, many do the same. Others flee from them. We fill our minds with which we do not say we are not good, are those experiences that we do not like but are part of our life. Thoughts that limit and discourage us make us collapse and stay in bed.

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Are you this type of person?

If yes, realize that you are turning your thoughts into reality. Because if you do not value yourself, no one else will. Those thoughts guide you to follow if a person who does not appreciate himself leads his course to failure, not to fight, not to get out of his comfort zone. If you look around you, you could be better. Each of us has our mistakes, but what matters is how we take things, how we face them, and what attitude we will have in every bad experience that happens to us in life.

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You must keep this in mind.

Success results from things well done. Habits we feed daily to get ahead, not bad habits, but those that will change and transform our life. You will achieve it when you keep developing successful habits; when you understand that, you must learn how to lose, how you take the loss, and how your mind and thoughts process it. Since this is a natural part of life, successes and losses, each gives you experiences and knowledge, but it depends on how you assimilate them.

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I know that it is not easy or straightforward to see the negative results, but when we make an effort, we give everything to obtain success. Still, they are moments of our life, but the loss is seen when we take it in the best way when we do not analyze, leave it aside, and lock it up in our minds. Instead, we repeatedly observe the vision in our minds, but only intending to hurt us to say that we are not good enough.

That vision of when we lose, we can pass it through our mind, but the key to them is not to hurt us but to be in our mind to learn them, to see where were the weaknesses and threats, where we can take the possibilities and strengths so that this does not happen again in our life.

This is not the time to feel like a failure, blame others, or sink into bad experiences. This is the time to see that although the result was negative, you dared to go after your dreams, which makes you great that you fought to achieve them. So many people stay on their couches waiting for their dreams to come to their life. You did the opposite. You went against everything. You fought for this dream you did not get today. Which does not mean you will not do it tomorrow.

Fear is an essential factor.

Fear teaches you to be cautious, but at the same time, its job is to turn the negative aspects into big roses. That is why you should make it your ally, not have it intimidate you, make it dominate your life. Fear makes you even read your future like telling you:

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What will you realize exponentially if anxiety and fear take away your speech?

It is up to you that this not happen, making you see only the negative instead of positive things, fear can make you prudent, but if you let it get involved in your life, you will be sunk in it.

"Fear will not open the door to success."

Opportunities are not doors that open by themselves.

This is very true; no opportunity in your life will come alone or open to you without making the slightest effort. Opportunities are sought and found when you fight for them and constantly look for them.

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Now, you may have an opportunity before your eyes, but fear, negativism, and pessimism make you not see it. So your eyes are clouded, do not see it when you get to know that opportunity that was in front of you, is when it comes to another person, that's where it is worse for you because you will only say if he is lucky, the rain of opportunities knocks on your door, but that person has struggled, has sought it constantly.

Opportunities come and go in life, but we often do not regret seeing that this opportunity is gone. I know it is excruciating to see that opportunities are lost, but they come and go fast. They will not be waiting for us all our lives.

A saying says that if one door closes, many others will open. So it is up to us what we choose, whether to continue with a closed door that hurts us or to observe around us the opportunities that life offers us.

Remember that opportunities are unique. They do not come twice in our life. They will only sometimes be waiting for you, not only in business opportunities but even in your personal life. Just as you lose a partner, you wait for that man or woman to return. Likewise, when you have had opportunities, you lost the one by your side by waiting for a love that never came.

It is for them that today I say to you, keep your eyes wide open because the right thing will always be at your disposal, and stay alert and attentive because opportunities come and go.

Take your time pursuing your dreams. The time that is never returned.


Quite an insightful writeup. I love your composition. But more wher you said if we do not value ourselves, nobody will. It is true friend. Self valuing is very necessary for a positive living than for sharing

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Nice write up ✍️ our changes are really within us and we should always make effort for the very Best 🙏

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You are highly welcome 😁😁

It's also about hope. One can be afraid not to trust oneself.
If he has hope, change will begin.

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