A GF a day #1

in Splinterlands19 days ago (edited)


Hey fellow players. Let's have another raffle, but one with value. I will raffle one GF card each day. You will stake the tickets for the raffle until you win. A win resets your tickes. Tickets are base on activity - i.e. comment, reblog.

If you do not opt in for a the card you can alternativly get a HSPI - just state it in the comment.

I will mention you in the post unless you state otherwise because i need your name for the tickets!

Good Luck!


Let's start with the FIRST raffle :D




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Count me in

ign @olaf.gui


Count me in!

Count me in

I want to be at this party

my nickname is @alfrin

Count me in ^^ @subidu

I am in

count me in, please.

please add me, thanks. @diochen

Thanks for the chance for the raffle!