Loosing weight without exercise!

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We all dream of having a magnificent body or being healthy to live peacefully without excess weight.

So how to do it without putting in a lot of effort?

Drink a large glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. It helps the body eliminate toxins accumulated throughout the night and makes you lose weight.

Stretching is vital; in yoga positions like the cobra, the warrior, and the dog. It relieves your body's joints and pushes them to eliminate fat.

Walk it's free, easy, and simple, yet we do not do it. Yet, according to a recent study, walking can make you lose weight and extend your life by up to 30% more than people who do not walk.

Intermittent or continuous fasting is an excellent detox for the body. It has many benefits on the metabolism, and all the celebrities worldwide are doing it nowadays.

Eat fruits and vegetables because they contain fiber, vitamins, and natural sugars and will not increase your body fat.

Stop eating after 8:00 pm so that your body can digest all the food accumulated during the day, and your organs can repair your body at night without being disturbed by a new influx of food.

Sleeping from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am is the best time to change your life, body, skin, energy, and mentality. You will be surprised by the tremendous benefits of sleeping early.

Drink up to two liters on average to hydrate your body and help eliminate unnecessary fat, toxins, and microbes.

Take care of your body, dear members; it is always possible.

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Even walking can make someone lose weight, but many people underrate the impact of walking.

Yeah, walking regularly is the best exercise. 30 minutes at least everyone should walk :)

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Great tips! I think walking is underrated by modern society and it isn't practiced enough. I go for long walks everyday and always feel super relaxed when I get back home.

Good for you. It's nice to warm up daily.

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