I4I #31 - April

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Entering the fourth of the year is one thing, but when it's the month that bridges into that spring and summer ebb and flow is pretty special.

Don't get me wrong, April is nowhere near my favorite month outside of the baseball season beginning, but for 2023 it has an extra meaning.

I won't get into the two year rough patch, because I've dont that more than enough, but because this year I feel like I've crossed yet another stumbling block towards full endurance, strength and power. Those three is always a mix or all of what I do when I workout under the orange lights.

Today, on the first day of April I felt like I've reached another point of emphasis on where I should be, because I proved it to myself for over almost 6 plus years then had the stumbling block and now it's feeling like true normality.

Of course, I'm in my fifties so I always have to take that into consideration and know that there is also a notch below where I was will be something I have to get used after the stuff that happened, but try stopping me from always trying to match if not beat my personal records every opportunity I can.

Today for my 31st Index4Index submission, I went searching for a quote that would resonate with the new month and how I was feeling and wouldn't you know that I found a Shakespeare sonnet to read exactly how I feel on April 1st, 2023.

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything"
-The Sonnets of William Shakespeare


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You are a wonderful and inspiring person, and despite being over 50, you look like a young man with a beautiful body

Very Much Appreciated 🙏🏼 @cryptohaytham
Happy Weekend

It's just depends on us how we want to live because i see many people of your age look young and feel like youth but many people of young age feel like they're old. William Shakespeare is really the best 💗

#morelife @les90
Happy Monday

Thank you
Happy Monday you too Sir!!

Hi Jimmy I need to feel more youthful and I will feel younger and look younger. I think this is what Shakespeare means. I'm going to be 70 in May so I hope that makes you feel younger. !BBH !CTP

Age is just a number Barb @adcreatordesign when it's all said and done.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Yes that's true Jimmy You have a great week ahead!
@jimmy.adames !BBH !CTP

I understand that there is a club 50 + :)
I'm in the right weight class lol.

Well I'm 50 PLUS getting to close to 60 👴 but we gotta keep grindin to the last breath @roninrelax

My friend, I think the goal is different, until the last breath you need to enjoy life, every minute and second that God gives us, and work, as an end in itself, is not that. No one denies the need to work. Once, my wife and I were sitting in the park and our friend, who is not 8 years older than me, stopped next to us. He laughed that we were sitting and not walking in the park, they say, movement is life, he even laughed, they say he is older, but looks more athletic than me. But, a week later he had a massive heart attack, heart surgery and a ban on any too active movement, and I want to sit, I want to lie down, and if I need to catch up with a sparrow, I will run :)

When it's our time to go it's our time to go. Absolutely enjoy life to the fullest 🙏🏼 happy weekend @roninrelax I’m about to go run 🏃🏽 this 5K...


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Favorable wind! :)

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