Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for May 31st

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The Influence Politics Still Has on the World by @gadrian


Great post and a great wake-up call for the people...
Your topic was politicians and governments, but behind all that you wrote is just one thing... MONEY... immigration, wars, extortion, globalization, control...
Times have changed, books aren't burned, people have access to more information than ever, and the old systems of control still work, but not for a long time...

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Our financial approach for our kid - education and preparation by @alexvan


That's a great approach, to teach kids from an early age about finances and savings... I did something similar with my son... I bought him a Ledger a few years ago, and as a B-day gift, he got some BTC and ETH... After a few years, his savings looks much better than at the beginning... 😃
Also, recently, he learned another important lesson... He was saving for a long time for an electric scooter and he bought it with HIS money... After a year, someone stole it... It was a hard lesson, but he is much more cautious today, and as you said for your son, take more care about his stuff... Appreciate them more...

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Nuevas combinaciones y estrategias con la regla “Born Again” [EN-ES] 👾 by @cieliss


I'm still struggeling to come up with a good strategy for this ruleset. Thanks for your ideas :-)

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Reasons, Seasons, and Lifetimes * by @samsmith1971


Great post, lots to think about there. Friendships are a complicated matter to master. Finding the right balance between family and friends is also a tricky one. Also life long friendships are nice to have because constantly starting new friendships can also be very hard work and it can all come to nothing.

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