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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my Starbits Every Night, this is a routine post I make on a night time when I play Rising Star Game.


This week we have 2NE1 as our theme, so everyday I will pick our Music Of The Day from their singles or stage performance and today is the last day for this theme. I would like to thank to all Giveaway Participant who kept following on our theme. Below is a table describing how we have run this Giveaway

PeriodArtistNo of DrawingNo of Entries
W2 August 2023Wagakki Band468
W3 August 2023The Cranberries796
W4 August 2023Limp Bizkit697
W5 August 2023Lauryn Hill and The Fugees696
W1 September 2023Dash Berlin684
W2 September 20232NE1578

Anyway I always open to any suggestion and feedback so please leave them on comments section below if you have a good one.

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When you feel like there's no way out
Love, is the only way

그대 나에게만 잘해 줘요
항상 나에게만 웃어 줘요
I said ooh 질투하게 하지마요
Ooh 집착하게 하지마요

아직 난 사랑이 두려워요
이런 내게 믿음을 줘 봐요
I said ooh 질투하게 하지 마요
Ooh 집착하게 하지 마요-

I love you (I love you)
I love you (I love you)

하루 종일 그대 모습 자꾸 떠올라
온종일 울리지 않는 전화기만 또 쳐다봐
왜 이런 내 맘을 아직 몰라
난 너의 마음을 아직 잘 몰라

너의 생각에 밤엔 잠도 못 이루다
달빛에 그대를 떠올리며 내 맘 고백해 봐
왜 이런 내 맘을 아직 몰라
난 너의 마음을 아직 잘 몰라
Look at me now

내 맘을 바라봐요
이렇게 애타는데
지금 날 잡아줘요
늦기전에 eh eh eh eh

I love you (I love you)
I love you (I love you)

멈추지 마요 사랑 노래
멋진 널 위해 불러줄게 everyday
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

멈추지 마요 사랑의 dance
이 밤을 그대와 보내고 싶은데
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

내 맘을 바라봐요
이렇게 애타는데
지금 날 잡아 줘요
늦기 전에 eh eh eh eh
We can't go wrong (Bring it back)

밀고 당기지는 말아 줘요
우리 조금만 솔직해져요
I said ooh 질투하게 하지마요
Ooh 집착하게 하지마요

어디서 무얼 할까 궁금해요
혹시 이런 내가 귀찮나요
I said ooh 질투하게 하지마요
Ooh 집착하게 하지마요

I love you everyday
Don't get away, take me away
I love you everyday
In every way 널 사랑해
왜 이런 내 맘을 아직 몰라
난 너의 마음을 아직 잘 몰라 (hey)

I love you everyday
Don't get away, take me away
I love you everyday
In every way 널 사랑해
왜 이런 내 맘을 아직 몰라
난 너의 마음을 아직 잘 몰라

The Peak and The Fall

I love you was a single released in 2012, the first one after they made a big success worldwide with their second album which had I am The Best" song. This song was very important milestone in their career, because after this one their career started to decline.

Yes that's the saddest fact, their 3rd album was not as succesfull as their second, well it was not a failure one but the album sold was not even reached half from the second. Infact the 3rd album got a number of download equal with this I love you single, which was around 3 million downdloads in the year of release.. That's still a good number for a KPOP artist, but not as an International artist.


Another thing I liked about this song was it's the start they had a more focused outfit theme, Before they changed very varied each singles. This song is the start of Dara having one sided skin head hairdo, which I think that suits her very well compared to her Ostrich or Gimbab hairdo or some long large Mohawk style.

Or maybe because they started to dress more properly their career slumped? I know outfit and songs do not relate directly, but that's the fun fact about 2NE1 too... The weirder their costume were, the more successful the song was.


The End of 2NE1

Unlike most KPOP group who get disbanded after 7 years contract ended, 2NE1 actually got disbanded in their 6 years. The indication of the break up shown in 2014, when they had a long hiatus. They had the excuse of each members pursuing their solo project, but 2 years without any single was clearly a strong sign of breaking up.

It started with Minzy leaving the group due to unhappiness towards how the company thread her. Later the management tried to keep 2ne1 with the rest of 3 members however later they chose to disbanded the group due to a reason of unable to control certain individual.

So this made people speculated that the reason of the break up was due to internal conflicts between YG Entertainment and the members of 2NE1, as well as too many restriction on the members to explore their individual preferences in their music. Another speculation was that YG Entertainment already made a new big project which nowadays known as the biggest KPOP girl group in the history, BLACKPINK.

Well those were all speculations anyway, the most important fact that there were times when 2NE1 really dominated the KPOP industry.

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Everyday I encourage people to buy pack... yes buy packs and open them. The common question is which one is better, buying packs or buying cards directly from other players? Personally I prefer buying cards directly over buying packs. because it gives more precision on stats building. This leaves zero waste,for example sometime we get good cards from packs but we do not need those.

However recently I have decided I will keep buying packs and share my daily opening in this post because I believe buying packs give more benefit to the community.

  • First it is somekind of starbits burning which hopefully might help starbits price to be more stable.
  • Second with many new cards circulated, hopefully the card price will get stable too and this will help smaller players to grow.

past monthly packs opening:

Sep-Dec 2022179 packs17.11515.5724.150409
January 202331 packs2.4902.4051.24363
February 202339 packs3.4253.6351.06783
March 202341 packs3.3073.1251.32571
April 202341 packs4.0353.33575990
May 202331 packs3.4602.61574974
June 202352 packs4.9354.695826111
July 202352 packs4.7213.2452.24098
August 202335 packs3.1652.3651.05860

What you get from a pack in average:

Time LinefansskillluckIM
2022 (179 packs)95.6186.9923.182.28
2023* (235 packs)92.1484.2925.402.09

Today Packs Opening:


This Month Packs Opening Recap

1 Sep210000600
2 Sep2100100510
3 Sep21001608553
5 Sep21005500133
6 Sep2100150150193
7 Sep21001010510
8 Sep21001507562
9 Sep2100555543
10 Sep2100510600
12 Sep21001607542
13 Sep210014515525
14 Sep210055510
16 Sep210012515085
17 Sep21001507552
September 2023 Total Sum14 pack2.17479533928

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For tonight giveaway, we have 15 participants:
@rtonline, @vaynard86, @blitzzzz, @subidu, @diochen, @qumao, @ladymisa, @emersonzomi, @olaf.gui, @middle-earthling, @nietokilll, @jfang003, @kryptof, @circlebubble, @henruc


Congrats to @circlebubble and @henruc as the winners of this round Giveaway. both of you came up with correct answer


Thank you to all participants, and I hope you guys keep supporting me in my upcoming events.

List of September 2023 Winners

NoName# of WinsRemarks
3daethical32 pinalty
9kryptof11 pinalty
12monsterbuster11 pinalty
15Subidu11 pinalty

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PRIZE / REWARDS : 10.000 Starbits for 2 player



For the closing one, this is a simple question When did 2NE1 get disbanded?

Rule of Participation :

  • a "count me in" only or any wrong answer will give you a 50% reward's pinalty.
  • Bots can't win and One person can put one entry.
  • There is no specific Cut off time, I will leave a comment such as Time's Up or It's a Wrap when the time is over.
  • You may cheat by peeking or copy-pasting other people answer. But please upvote their answer because if they fail to win, atleast they get some credits in upvotes.
  • I will use sentipl's Hive random comment picker to pick the winner.
  • If you win but you fail to answer the challenge correctly, then the rewards will be given to other winners which will add up their rewards.
  • Whether you win or not, you must have fun from this Giveaways

The winner will be announced on the next post, STARBITS EVERY NIGHT #369!!!.

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If you haven't got any Rising Star Game Account, you can register it here

risingstargame : for everything we have here
Nane-qts : for her wonderful Rising Star divider
sentipl : for his Hive random comment picker


Option B

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Option B

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as usual I have a break on Monday, we will continue on Tuesday.

meanwhile, please help me pick one of these two options for the next weekly theme:

A. Artist from older timeline than 2NE1

B. Newer artist, after 2017.

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When did 2NE1 get disbanded?


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