My Actifit RC: June 1st 23 - Never waste time and be surprised by bad weather - #362

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A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

The first day of June was also characterized by a day in light and dark.

Today I went to the sea hospital to see my older brother, who has been hospitalized for a few days for tests and I discovered that he is not very well.

Fortunately he is a person who knows how to move very well by choosing the right therapies but he has a long, very difficult path to take.

On the way back the weather got worse and stormy clouds obscured the sky but made much more chaos than rain.

We give little importance to the sky above us but he accompanies us on our journey and warns us when the storm is coming.

In my #iamalivechallenge 362 although I was upset there is no time to lose you must always be #alive and take the initiative with heaven asking him for help to protect my affections.

Finally, I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of #Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next #actifit report.
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