My Actifit Report Card: September 16 2023

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I went almost 21 kilometres with my skates. in the Netherlands the routs are almost flat and good for skating🥳 Hoewer it's raining most the time but it's worth it.

Being active can help me a lot in many conditions.. mentally and physically. I’m also trying to do sports every single day. It’s not easy for someone who has no daily routine honestly I don’t want to have a routine 🤪😌 I feel more free when I do what I want to do at any moments . This behaviour can be a little bit risky , but it feels good. I believe in many things in universe and one of my beliefs is : Even if bad things happen … I’m sure that they are happening for many reasons that we don’t know about them. Maybe to make us ready for the next life ! maybe other things that we don’t know about them l. By those unfortunates we would be more powerful and ready for an unlimited travel 🧳 p.v 😌 The only way to get out of prison Earth and going back home ( heaven ) are really simple but we don't know them ! 😔 I hope we can meet each other in any world in peace e and happiness

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