My Actifit Report Card: May 29 2023

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Despite the icy cold Northeast wind, we for some midget golf. The wife and daughter loved it. But damn when are we going to get some decent weather over here?


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😊🌈🤙 I used to play mini golf often! I wonder how that would be now..?

I myself am very fond of playing this kind of game and I also go with my friends or there is a place where summer is good so it is more fun to play this game.

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Mini golf would be a good memory for your son to have considering months from now all you will be able to give him for Christmas is Richard Heart's shitcoins.

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Speaking of delusional besides cryptocurrency fads you also promote the idea that the Earth is flat. I get that your brain can't comprehend such a large scale the Earth is so you go with "but looks flat to me". But how can you continue to delude yourself about how scammed you've been by HEX and Pulseshit?