My Actifit Report Card: August 22 2023

in Actifit3 months ago

Yesterday's evening we decided to go for a hike and do Yoga outside. Also we wanted to visit one of our neighbors.
As I was at the balcony looking at the sky and waiting for @kam5iz to get ready, Milo couldn't wait and she was making adorable sounds and faces so I took a selfie with her to remember this moment

Yesterday's morning I went for shopping and didn't bring her with me so she was really worried that we go out without her

Finally we got out and went to the alley. We saw our neighbors at their balcony having an intense argue with eachother so our visit got canceled. So we continued to walking and went to the orange gardens nearby.
Smarty was as eager as always

I was making a video for my mother as I was walking

When I reached to kambiz and dogs to film them too, kambiz said oh no!! Mosquitoes attack!! We should leave this place!

So we ran from the place and Yoga got canceled too 😀

We continued walking and I was still talking to my mother

We couldn't go very far cause mosquitoes were everywhere but at least I made a nice video for my mom! 😁👌
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