My Actifit Report Card: September 23 2023

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going to a forest nearby with Milo and Kam5iz was amazing

I spent most of the time looking for patterns and beauty

I really needed to let go of some disturbing thoughts and intense emotions

we hiked to a small waterfall

It was interesting that our mood evaluated minute by minute

we decided to stay near the waterfall for couple of hours and have lunch and coffee

I washed my face and hands in a cool water of the river. It felt great.

after lunch we made a small fire and made a coffee

Then we continued our way and went deeper into the jungle and we had yoga there

We didn't want to leave the place but it was getting dark. We hiked most of the way back in the dark. Milo was scared a little but we assure her that we will protect her 😋
that was a good hiking day. Me and @kam5iz are very close to each other but in the nature we have a even stronger connection and I'm so grateful for this feeling cause nothing is more satisfying than being connected with the earth and your companions 😌✨

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Great stepping there @sabajfa, and fantastic pictures from your forest hike, thanks a lot for sharing and stay awesome.

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Thank you!😊🙏


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