My girl came back home! - My Actifit Report Card: maggio 15 2023 - A full week that make me feel Alive!

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All photos by @stewie.wieno

My Daily Diary

This week started with a foggy Monday. I take my bike to went work and that was a great choice because later the sun comes out.
Due to this good weather I could also had my lunch walk. Super great!

My girl come back home today so we spent time together, talking about her trip, how she spent her days and how I spent mine without her (spoiler: playing pc).

We eat pizza but after dinner she immediately start sleeping.
So we come to bed and that’s all about today! LOL

Another good day to be Alive and Thriving

My plan of this new week is almost easy. First of all is to reach minimum daily activity and post my daily report every day of the week.

Second I think about my weekly goals:

Monday: stay with mi girl! Done!
Tuesday: have a good lesson with my students
Wednesday: have a good lesson with my teacher
Thursday: playing pc and try to end some game progressions
Friday: spend a night with our friends
Saturday: birthday event in mountain with friends
Sunday: a Paolo Nani show in a town near home.

As usual, we have a full week, but I think I can do all and also post my reports.

This was Awesome!

Today I spent about two hours talking with my girl an this is a thing that I really appreciate from this day.

Here some pics I took today:

Who is stewie.wieno?

Hi, i'm stewie and since I had back problems I realized that I had to take better care of myself. I am very lazy, but following my doctor's advice, I try to focus on getting some activity every day. "Better a little but constant, than a lot once in a while!"

I work in the office, I love travelling, doing improv theater and spending time with my girlfriend. My favorite animal is the giraffe (but I also love dogs) and I'm passionate about home economics and saving.

I discovered Hive in July 2021.

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Wow! I didn’t know about this community! I’m a big fan of bike2work! There could be any sinergize between actifit and cycling community! I would like to support it and partecipate, but I only use Actifit as App (not strava).

Thanks for your support!


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There is a autopsy convention starts this week.
Friday is open Mike night.

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I also cycle to work a lot.
The strava2hive app has the possibility tonpost in the Cycling Community.
I haven't had contact with the Actifit crew about possible synergies, so I don't know if they would be open for that.

The Cycling Community isn't only for posting activities though. You can post all cycling related blogs.
I just started a #MYBIKE initiative where cyclist can show their bike tot other members. Maybe you would like to join this initiative too.

Your following the cycling account, not the community by the way.

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Great photos, as is the plan for the week!
I love how the bridge looks in the fog! 🔥💪

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