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RE: My Actifit Report Card: May 22 2023

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Whoa, a pink sun! That's some crazy haze, dude...πŸ˜‚! Seriously, excellent photos as always! I'm glad that you got so much activity and time outside! Yay! 😁 πŸ™ πŸ’š ✨ πŸ€™

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Yeah, that was weird. And I am still not sure what caused it, I ought to look it up. We were lucky the weather was nice on the day without internet!
Have an awesome Friday and week end.

Dear @tydynrain, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @manuvert.

It was very curious for sure! I've seen all sorts of atmospheric effects, but I've never seen a pink sun before! Yeah, that was very fortunate indeed! You made good use of your time! Thank you again brother, I appreciate it! I hope that today and your weekend are truly excellent! 😁 πŸ™ πŸ’š ✨ πŸ€™