Fifty-Nine Over Thirty-One Becomes Nothing - Chapter 10 (Finale)

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Author Notes at the End.

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59 ÷ 31 = 0

Final Chapter

Balance: OK

"Today's Keyword is..."

Hisham yawns. The stream has been going on for two hours. He removes an inappropriate message. He already kicked out a user during the stream, but it's ending soon.

A delicious aroma comes from the kitchen. It reminds him that his sister has his back again. He glances at the subscribers count at the top of the stream. It tells him that everything is okay. This month the payment will come in time.

"Thank you for watching. Be cool. Be nice, Dimorians."

Hisham helps Dimor after the stream. They finalize it and plan the next one.

"Thanks again Dimor, your payment saved my life!" Hisham shakes of gratefulness as he types the words again.

Dimor goes offline, but before that he apologizes for not being able to give Hisham money when he asked last time.

Hisham walks away from his Laptop. He takes the leftovers from the heater. He proceeds to eat. Who would've thought leftovers can be this delicious? Starvation must change people, he concluded.

Hisham washes his hands in the bathroom.

The injury from last month has healed, but a scar is still there.

He glances at the mirror.

The person in the mirror smiles. Hashim sighs.

His joker is still there.

At least he's happy for now. Hisham steers his thoughts away. He washes his face.

Hashim prays. May this mirror last longer than the one before.

The End

Author Notes

That's the end of the story. I love happy endings, even if it's only a "Happy for now" ending. Hisham is back to work and has enough money to live healthy for a bit.

The story of Hisham is inspired by my lowest days. The social anxiety and overthinking is really dangerous when left alone. Some people really need to see a therapist.

What do you think?

Now the story is complete, I hope to see your overall opinions on it. I'd love it if you stick around for my other story series that I'm going to publish.

If you're in the mood for another story check out my "Where to Start?" article for more information. If you want to support my Storytelling journey consider buying one of my NFTs, and joining my Beneficiary Rewards list.

Salam (Peace)

The story series "59 ÷ 31 = 0" by @ahmadmanga is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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