Setting the Record Straight: Our Journey, Challenges, and Ethical Commitment

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Dear Community,

Over the years, our studio has faced a whirlwind of challenges, from accusations of being scammers to betrayal in the industry we passionately serve. Today, I want to share our story, clarify misunderstandings, and reaffirm our commitment to integrity and innovation in game development.

Our Beginnings and the Road Traveled

We started as a spirited team of developers, fueled by a shared dream of creating engaging games and applications. Our journey was marked by collaborations with various clients, and initially, everything seemed to be on track – payments were on time, our team was motivated, and creativity was at its peak.

This was when the dream of PSYBER X was born.

Unforeseen Challenges

However, the unpredictable nature of this industry soon became evident. Several clients discontinued projects midway due to loss of interest or financial constraints. Despite these setbacks, we persevered, reallocating our resources to keep our mission alive. (most this happened during COVID, and I’m sure many can relate these were hard time for most).

The Promised Opportunity and Its Aftermath

A significant turning point was a promised contract involving big names like DC Universe and HBO. This opportunity seemed like a breakthrough, but it turned out to be a facade. Our work, our passion, was presented by our client to these giants as his own, leaving us in the shadows, betrayed and without rightful recognition.

Our Small Studio Against Big Challenges

As a small studio, we lack the extensive legal resources that bigger companies might have, making it difficult to fight such injustices. But we haven't let this dampen our spirit or commitment to our craft.

PSYBER X and Our Ethical Use of Assets

Our flagship project, PSYBER X, symbolizes not just our creative spirit but also our commitment to ethical practices in game development. In crafting this game, we've utilized market-available assets, a norm in our industry, but with a strong emphasis on ethical and creative use.

Addressing NFT Concerns and Asset Usage

The rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in gaming has brought forth new challenges and misconceptions, particularly regarding asset usage. We understand the concerns surrounding this and are proactively addressing them:

Clarification with Artists

We are in ongoing conversations with the original artists of these assets to ensure they are fully informed about how their work is being utilized in PSYBER X. It’s important to us that they understand our use of their creations in the context of our game.

Defining Game Asset Use

We draw a clear line between in-game assets and their usage outside the gaming world. A character or weapon, integral to the game, remains within the realm of PSYBER X. We are committed to explaining this distinction to the artists and ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Correction and Licensing

Nearly two years ago, we identified and began correcting the use of certain assets. Today, we're proud to say that our game predominantly features our original creations or assets for which we have obtained full licensing rights. This step is crucial in maintaining both legal integrity and creative authenticity.

Looking Forward

This journey, filled with both challenges and rewards, has been a path of tremendous learning and growth. We've faced obstacles head-on and emerged stronger with each one. Our commitment to ethical practices, respect for intellectual property, and the pursuit of innovation in game development remains as strong as ever.

Expanding Our Team

As many of you know from our Discord discussions, we are planning to expand our team by hiring a new developer in the upcoming months, either in January or March. This step is a testament to our growth and dedication to bringing fresh perspectives and skills to our projects. We value transparency and open communication, and we continue to share our developments and plans across various platforms, including Discord and Hive posts.

Gratitude and Collaboration

Thank you for being a crucial part of our story and community. As we look to the future, we are excited about writing new chapters that are rich in innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking gaming experiences. Together, let's continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming and create worlds that captivate and inspire.

PS. For anyone that has been on our discord, this information has been clearly communicated for years. I have been open on every subject every presented.
Turmoil stuck, and here we are. Trying to a find a way to keep building.

S&S was only made as a side project for MYSELF to learn javascript @klye helped me learn it, and here we are. That only happened because we were waiting for the launch of PSYBER DECKS. Which Klye is the main, and only developer on.

Hive is an amazing place, I've meant the most amazing, and malevolent people in the world.
The amazing far outweigh the bad, so we will continue building as always.
If it's not up to your standard, just don't pay attention.
Never left, never will.



Took you long enough.

Trying to silence us with downvotes. Good luck.


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I'll take this post as a veiled admission of fault and apology to the community and artists.


We draw a clear line between in-game assets and their usage outside the gaming world

You did not. Fix that now.


It’s important to us that they understand our use of their creations in the context of our game.

Will make sure they know that psyberx gets a royalty on every single trade and that metadata containing their work can never be changed.

I'm sure you left that part out.

I would say psyberx is mostly guilty of mismanagement, incompetence and poor ethics.


They violated multiple licenses. Using other artist's work without their permission and profiting from their work on every trade forever is not OK.




Just 2 examples:


You upvoted your own comment?

Dust votes don't yield earnings 🤡


1. And when they got called out, content disappeared like magic.

Royalties? We never sold packs..

But that's NOT the first time either.

2. Hey, I'm not a liar !!

3. The summary meme

Keep on moving forward, you never stopped working on this and the end game is getting closer. The B.S. attacks are so silly!

You are the detective, figure it out!


Do you read, or only reply?

Having had many late night conversations with Justin hunting bugs and trying to troubleshoot things, I must say that he is by far the worst scammer I have ever heard of. I feel like he could have scammed us far easier and with much less effort if that were truly his intent.


I wasn't a part of the server in the early days of the project, as Serfdom and Sorcery was the primary draw for me, but I can honestly say that spending time with Draconian Overlord, Troy, Ritzbits, Boyo, Weegel, and the many others who make our discord server so amazing have been some of my favorite times on hive.

It's been a true honor, and I look forward to where the project is headed.


Transparency after a mistake is easily one of the most critical things to see right now and I think the Psyber team is accomplishing this. Keep the transparency up and continue to right the wrongs that have occurred. For these NFT sales / licensing breaches it would be great to see whatever agreement is in place between the team and artists.

I've been away from HIVE for about a year due to job loss (got to love this economy) but its always been a community that fosters growth. Keep moving forward, get the issues fixed (both in game bugs as well as licensing issues) and put out the best games that you can.

Glad to see you guys are still fighting to keep your vision going and moving no matter what. Keep the spirit up

I've played Psyber X and Serfdom & Sorcery. True to your word you got those games running. I look forward to seeing the other games come out.

  • Psyber X played well though there were quirks as in any new game in development.
  • Serfdom & Sorcery was a surprise that took dull time away from your day.

Playing Psyber X in a group was fun. It reminded me of when I was in the military playing Halo against different ships in a squadron during dead-times over deployment. The military tended to do things like that to reduce tension.

I look forward to playing Psyber X again in the future. In terms of development, It would be nice to see a help tutorial or occasional post highlighting new features released in either game. To be honest, due to medical issues and work over this year, I did notice updates on help tutorials and the like. I just haven't checked it out yet.

you can give decks a try if you want now

I did notice updates

That's because development stopped for psyberx for the whole year.
0 blockchain integration too after 2.5 years.
Slow rug.

Hello. Can you please tell me what specific development hasn't been in progress for a whole year? My reasoning for asking is that I'm not certain about your specific reference.

Regarding Serfdom and sorcery, there have been continuous updates on Discord regarding development. On Psyber X, I haven't been paying attention unfortunately due to personal work and medical issues.

In any event, have a great night. Apologies if I don't respond until the next day.

I left my thoughts in the "exposure" post. Its great to see yous addressed the issue with an official response. The best way to say "I Told You So" is by creating and thriving.

Big up, love playing S&S!

It's like that, a project doesn't get made so easily, you have to work hard, the way you are telling us all about this game, and taking people's interest, ego towards the project is not that easy and we are watching. You and your team have been working hard for a long time and when a person works hard like this, one day success is sure to come.

I can confirm I'm the only person contracted and working on Decks and some other related stuff.

Didn't read all of this post yet, gotta lay on some heat here to calm down lower back pain.
Will catch up on this post and what's going on in an hour or so.

What is the status of the FPS game, the one you sold the initial tokens and NFTs on, and integration with the Hive blockchain?

Development paused all year and now they are saying that they may resume working on it in Q1, if they can hire a dev.

Their NFTs and token were never integrated in the FPS game.
They now say they developed another game (psyber decks) that uses them, but it was actually built by another team that came to the rescue, not the one that raised the funds.

Those "10 game devs with 20 years experience" are long gone (and are still due money).

It is playable on Steam games, get a key for access free in discord. is integrated with the same NFTs and LVL token playable now in testing to give the token utility while the big game was being built.

So the FPS game PsyberX does not integrate the NFTs yet. I would have appreciated a more direct answer about that. What is the plan and timeline to integrate NFTs into PsyberX the FPS game?

I've got a rudimentary UE5 to API plugin working in Unreal Engine 5.1. But so far it's only PoC and hasn't seen further integration than that.

I don't have access to the Psyber-X FPS game project so can only really work as a "satellite" on the stuff, getting that API plugin to fetch the API data was only 1/3rd of the work that needs done on it sadly.

As for timeline, hard to say, the UE5 plugin for the integrations is like 4th on my list of shit to do, given the FPS game hasn't been focus of RR for a bit I stopped worrying about rushing to get it done and focused on the more immediate stuff. :/

Only things that I know the Psyber NFTs are integrated into is the Decks game which is almost done, and the PsyberxMarket site.

Cheers captain.


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