Hivelist is a ‘HiveCommerce’ marketplace community for the Hive blockchain. This is a place for the Hive community to post items for sale, items they are in search of, services offered or in search of, jobs, gigs, contests, and much more. This project is an initiative of Hive member @thelogicaldude and his team at The Logical Dude, LLC, with the advise and support of other community members.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you can check out our HiveCommerce Website Services and let our team help you get your new business going, or if you have an existing WooCommerce site, we can help you integrate Hive and Hive Engine token payments, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

The posts on this page pull directly from the Hivelist Classifieds community on the Hive blockchain. People can post on any Hive front end and use the corresponding tags: hivelist, classifieds, forsale, services, contests, gigs, and hivecommerce and earn LIST tokens. Using the hivecommerce tag will also earn your HUSTLER Dollar. Posts on this page will open in new tab on the Hivelist Classifieds front end on Hive.

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- cabalcoffers

Well painted Warhammer LOTR Gulavhar (METAL) RARE OOP GAMES WORKSHOP LOTR Citadel Hobby Starter… [See More on Hivelist...]

- thelogicaldude

This has been a long time coming for our friends over at the #Weedcash Network!… [See More on Hivelist...]

- cabalcoffers

Lots of fun stuff for sale today at Cabal Coffers! NO MINIATURES & NO DICE… [See More on Hivelist...]

- cabalcoffers

Magic the Gathering Microprose Vintage PC Game 1997 Disc and Custom DVD Case… [See More on Hivelist...]


- aweee

Hey guys, Check out the rules to know how to win the extra tokens 😁… [See More on Hivelist...]

- gestion.alive

Today we recharge our vote and RC mana, Indeed as said in the previous posts,… [See More on Hivelist...]

- rtonline

I'm currently level 99 in the Rising Star Game and I'm doing my best to… [See More on Hivelist...]

- gurseerat

Hello all friend, Hope all you you are good. I Am writing this post as… [See More on Hivelist...]


- guest09

You can launch your own crypto asset with the aid of cutting-edge blockchain technology and… [See More on Hivelist...]

- thelogicaldude

BlockTunes Now has an official front end on Hive! BlockTunes.Social is created using the new… [See More on Hivelist...]

- cryptoandcoffee

source When I took my laptop in last Monday due to an accident with a… [See More on Hivelist...]

- arcange

Since its launch a few months ago, more and more applications integrate HiveAuth as an… [See More on Hivelist...]


- brando28

I wasn't really feeling the crypto space today so I decided to share some of… [See More on Hivelist...]

- mipiano

Looking at the photo of this small statue I am getting confused. Is Buddha sleeping… [See More on Hivelist...]

- broderhoodband

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello friends in the hive community, we are back by uploading… [See More on Hivelist...]

- zeingrind666

Hello, my brothers and sisters. On February 26, 2022, our band "Indonesia Bersatu" was invited… [See More on Hivelist...]

Hivecommerce Posts

- jeffjagoe

NGMI Trucker Cap Now Available in the Shop - 10 Color Options This six-panel… [See More on Hivelist...]

- jeffjagoe

WAGMI Trucker Cap Now Available in the Shop - 10 Color Options This six-panel… [See More on Hivelist...]

- hivelist

The HiveLIST Store keeps seeing growth and we are really excited about the new vendors… [See More on Hivelist...]