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Hivelist is a ‘HiveCommerce’ marketplace community for the Hive blockchain. This is a place for the Hive community to post items for sale, items they are in search of, services offered or in search of, jobs, gigs, contests, and much more. This project is an initiative of Hive member @thelogicaldude and his team at The Logical Dude, LLC, with the advise and support of other community members.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you can check out our HiveCommerce Website Services and let our team help you get your new business going, or if you have an existing WooCommerce site, we can help you integrate Hive and Hive Engine token payments, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

The posts on this page pull directly from the Hivelist Classifieds community on the Hive blockchain. People can post on any Hive front end and use the corresponding tags: hivelist, classifieds, forsale, services, contests, gigs, and hivecommerce and earn LIST tokens. Using the hivecommerce tag will also earn your HUSTLER Dollar. Posts on this page will open in new tab on the Hivelist Classifieds front end on Hive.

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- ddrfr33k

I have a new item listed on Etsy! You might have seen me make this… [See More on Hivelist...]

- isaria

Photo Manipulation // Digital Painting // Aliens This piece is tokenized on NFT Showroom and… [See More on Hivelist...]

- isaria

Photo Manipulation // Digital Painting // Existential Crisis You can view the High Quality Image… [See More on Hivelist...]

- jeffjagoe

Bitcoin El Salvador Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt Now Available in the Shop - 5 Different Color… [See More on Hivelist...]


- guurry123

Hello all friends and Luke Hunters Today compete the task and found the Luke :)… [See More on Hivelist...]

- pablodare

un giveaway, todos los días / a giveaway, every day #HIVEgames #blockchain #gaming #crypto @pablodare/free-rising-start-sorteo-diario-regalo-gratis-de-rising-start-diario-27 [See More on Hivelist...]

- pablodare

si aun no juegas RISING STAR. puedes hacerlo desde este link: RISING STAR if you… [See More on Hivelist...]

- mk992039

Love the giveaway? Try your luck for Free Starbits.... @mk992039/rising-star-game-status-and-starbits-giveaway-11-play-and-earn [See More on Hivelist...]


- virginieoneph

In March, I became the owner of my company called thread. It was one of… [See More on Hivelist...]

- dibblers.dabs

So as a little bit of a side hustle recently I've been making cryptocurrency themed… [See More on Hivelist...]

- biancaking

Anyone can have an excellent idea for an eBook worthy of publication. But not everyone… [See More on Hivelist...]

- cryptoandcoffee

source When a global icon like DHL can't collect a package that has been paid… [See More on Hivelist...]


- ond

bounty0x still haven't answered my questions about not being rewarded the promised coins although my… [See More on Hivelist...]

- finguru

Telos Network Telos is a web 3.0, blockchain platform for building fast, scalable distributed applications… [See More on Hivelist...]

- ilpobre

Hello to the entire Musicforlife🎶 community! A little parenthesis before showing you the packages opened… [See More on Hivelist...]

- thelogicaldude

Just learned about Compound and earned $COMP in return! Use my invite to join Coinbase… [See More on Hivelist...]

Hivecommerce Posts

- hivetoday

Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today. Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for… [See More on Hivelist...]

- happyfrog420-new

And as I said, here is the unboxing of the package that I received… [See More on Hivelist...]

- hadi18

playing with children is important and meaningful Children are the children of our hearts that… [See More on Hivelist...]