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Hustler Miner (HUSTLERM)


Hustler Dollar (HUSTLER)

The Hustler Miner token is a Hive Engine smart contract token that was one of the original tokens of the HiveHustler ecosystem. It was used as a ‘mining’ token, meaning that it distributes the Hustler Dollar token, which was originally meant to be an ecommerce token for the community.

A little history…When the tokens were originally issued by the initial creator, @nulledgh0st, the miner tokens were airdropped to holders of the CTP and LEO tokens. The issue with the release of the token, is that it came before a use case. As several attempts at a use case were attempted, it never caught on. At some point, @nulledgh0st, burned approximately 90% of the miner and 80% of the dollar tokens, leaving only 10% and 20% of the original max supply left in circulation perspectively. The markets for each tokens took a big hit along with the community when this happened because burning that amount of tokens didn’t really look good for the faith of the project.

In the beginning of the community creation, many partnerships were created, including a partnership with the Hivelist community and it’s creator, @thelogicaldude. At first, the beginning was inclusion of Hivelist into the HiveHustlers Discord server, then Hivelist gave the Hustler Dollar it’s first use case as a method of payment in the Digital Hivelist Store.

In the beginning of 2021, @thelogicaldude acquired the HiveHustlers account which included the issuing account for the HUSTLERM and HUSTLER tokens and took over the community development. In this period of rebuilding for the HiveHustlers community came some decisions on how to handle the Hustler tokens. Thoughts were to do a token burn and swap for the Hivelist Token, but would have been a difficult process. So a new use case was brought to the Hustler tokens to try and revive the value in the community with some adjustments to the smart contracts… Mining tokens for The Hivecommerce Token.

Hivelist Token (LIST)

Hivelist Token, ticker symbol LIST, is the native token for the Hivelist Classifieds platform, built on Hive-Engine. It is fast, secure and free to transact LIST tokens which will make a great utility token for the Hivelist ecosystem. LIST can be used in merchant transactions, staked for rewards and store discounts, and earned through our curation system called Proof of Brain. LIST token staking is also required for the ability to have a customizable store on Hivebay.io, the retail marketplace for the Hive community, as well as to pay for hosting for Hivelist’s Hivecommerce Website Services. Also, together with the Hustler Miner and the Hustler Dollar, will ‘mine’ or issue fresh Hivecommerce Tokens.

Hivecommerce Token (COM)

Hivecommerce Token White Paper

Hivecommerce Token, ticker symbol COM, is a token created on top of the the second layer Hive Engine system, https://hive-engine.com, with the intent on being an income generating token that will pay out daily rewards in various entrepreneurial community tokens. COM token can also be used as a currency token for commerce related transactions.

The Hivecommerce Token (COM) was created by the @hivecommerce account(https://hivecommerce.org), with keys being held by @thelogicaldude. COM has no premine, presale, or airdropped amount. Issuance starts at 0 and can only be mined by staking 3 specific tokens, Hustler Miner, Hustler Dollar, and Hivelist Token. Holders of the Hivecommerce Token will also be paid in rewards from the HiveHustler account in DCity Token (SIM) and the Click Track Profit Token (CTP) with more tokens to be added in the future such as Hive Engine Token (BEE) and Weedcash (WEED). The Hivecommerce Token is an effort to bring together all of the hustler communities!