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- crypto-guides
What is The Sandbox (SAND)? - The Sandbox Guide

A beginner's guide to The Sandbox (SAND), the Metaverse token where players can play, build, own and monetise their virtual experiences. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn, metaverse game where players… [See More...]

- maddogmike
Opening 12 Rising Star Packs Looking For The S27 Christmas Choir Card

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I need the S27 Christmas Choir card so I can start doing the special mission Christmas Carolling. Check out the video and see if I was… [See More...]

- paulmoon410

Blair Witch Playthrough list... #creativecoin #neoxian #lassecash #ash #archon #blog #palnet #proofofbrain #bilpcoin #ctp #hivehustlers #pimp #maryland #music #life #cent #hypno #blogtoken #pay #waivio #pimp #lern #broadhive #blurt [See More...]

- failingforwards
Number 53 in VYB Airdrop !

Ok so for those not in the know we have an initial list for the VYB airdrops!!! @vyb.vyb/vyb-airdrop-info-preliminary-tabulation-and-calc-s-part-1-of-4-summary-for-1-336 Very exciting news as it was a complex calculation not easily done… [See More...]

- proofofblind
#0016 proofofblind || VBY Richlist and x-1pob-1vyb

This original-content post is certified plagiarism-free* by the Proof of Blind team (see below for what that means). Hi All, I was curious about how POB to VBY swap was… [See More...]

- gurseerat
My CTP, ALIVE & HIVE Goal Weekly Update.... Alive target Achieved CTP is just around the corner..💪💪

Hello all Friends.. I am chasing a target of 40k CTP Power by the year end, 15k AP by the end of November (revised) and 1500 Hive by the end… [See More...]

- paulmoon410

(Unsupported$/embed/blairwitchchapter8/7ae403306330f47d48bc8818a7506e681a5ef373?r=A5wg6JkKMgyekUqi1vT9gNfby1Rpsdqn) [See More...]

- nulledgh0st
DeFi Degens #1: Comdex - How To Stake $CMDX Tokens Using Cosmostation

How To Stake Your $CMDX Tokens Using Cosmostation Over the weekend, Comdex went live with a "bang" by launching their LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) on the wildly popular Osmosis AMM.… [See More...]

- ykretz.sports
My Actifit Report Card: December 7 2021

Today I worked on my computer and watched a lot of political videos. At the end of the day I just walked some time to buy some groceries and I… [See More...]

- c3r34lk1ll3r
My Actifit Report Card: December 7 2021

Tornati a Milano al freddo e al gelo. Quantomeno domani non si lavora. Adesso è ora della nanna. Notte hivers! This report was published via Actifit app (Android | iOS).… [See More...]

- libertycrypto27
Italian A League Football Championship Results: 16th Round + Fantasy Football Olio di Balena: Results and Statistics After 14 Days of Play / Risultati Serie A + Fantacalcio Olio di Balena : Dopo 14 giornate di Gioco  (ENG/ITA)

Image owned and edit by @libertycrypto27 - Font used is Open Source La versione in italiano è subito dopo la versione in inglese - The Italian version is immediately after… [See More...]

- forexbrokr
The 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement

The 78.6% Fibonacci retracement is an underused method for determining hidden support in crypto markets. While you may be aware of the more popular 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% levels, you… [See More...]

- flaxz
Cold And Busy Monday - We Are Alive IAAC #607 - Actifit: December 6, 2021

Photos by Erik Gustafsson On my Monday it got even colder with -16°C at the lowest here, and I saw on the news that in the north of Sweden it… [See More...]

- zpek
I Almost Cry in Rising Star Today - How and Why

Hi! Yes, I did say that I intend to buy cards one by one instead of packs, but it's still me who feels like a child opening new ones. So,… [See More...]

- atnep111
Il mio Report Actifit: dicembre 7 2021

Buona sera. Questa settimana lavoro di pomeriggio e finisco tardi a lavoro. Finito ora di cenare. Adesso devo ancora fare una doccia e poi la missione giornaliera di splinterlands. Perciò… [See More...]

- masoom
IAAC# 301 and My Actifit Report Card: December 7 2021

Thank Allah Almighty who give me life and I am Alive. 💪 Dear Actifiters wishing you a beautiful Day. 🌹 CAMERA DETAIL TypeSmart Phone MakeHUAWEI ModelRNE-L21 Exposure1/25 Aperture2.2 Focal Length3.8… [See More...]

- ykretz.sports
My Actifit Report Card: December 6 2021

I've been working on my computer the whole day and that was really really long. Fortunately the work I do is just long but doesn't need all my attention so… [See More...]

- paulmoon410
Freestyle 8 - Paul Moon

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Or if you're on Odysee also... check me out there. ▶️ 3Speak [See More...]

- kachinhenry
ဒီဇင်ဘာအလွမ်း ( Henry Aung )

မင်္ဂလာပါ။ ရန်ကုန် ဆောင်း၏ အရသာကတော့ အနည်းငယ်ချမ်းသယောင်ယောင် ထင်ရပါသည်။ နံနက်ပိုင်းကတော့ အအေးပိုလာပြီ ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ အခါတိုင်းလို နံနက်စောစောထ ရေမိုးချိုး လုပ်၍ မရတော့ပါ။ ရေချိုးချင်လျင် နေ့လည် ၁၁ နာရီ / ၁၂ နာရီ လောက်တွင် ချိုးရပါသည်။ အိမ်တွင်း အုတ်ကန် ဆိုတော့ ရေမှာ စိမ့် နေအောင် အေးပါသည်။… [See More...]

- maddogmike
New Seasonal Special Mission And Cards In The Rising Star Game.

3 new regular cards, 3 new animated cards and a holiday special mission. With the coming of the Christmas season the Rising Star Game has begun the special mission Christmas… [See More...]