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- saviib
Flash back pics of waterfalls

Hi all, I’ve been digging into my photo library I’m finding all these hidden gems that I’ve accumulated over the years. Here are some photos I’ve taken of waterfalls on… [See More...]

- shortshots
Daily Quest Reward

Earth Splinter Complete! Today’s quest was win five battles with Earth Splinter, which I was excited about because Earth and Death are my favorite Splinters so far. I used Unicorn… [See More...]

- atnep111
😏😏Splinterlands Daily Mission 22-09-21 ITA-ENG😏😏

Buona sera, oggi ancora più stanco e voi direte non è una novità, lo so sto diventando ripetitivo ma il mio lavoro è davvero pesante. Perciò voltiamo pagina e passiamo… [See More...]

- flaxz
Nice Tuesday - We Are Alive IAAC #531 - Actifit: September 21, 2021

Photos by Erik Gustafsson On my Tuesday it was quite nice weather, still cold but not as cold as before, and I took a walk in the park in the… [See More...]

- twicejoy
Black and White Photography #126

Capture with my TECHNO SPARK4 Air Camera Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life. Present one or two image every day. You may add people, if… [See More...]

- saviib
All most that time of the year again!

Hi All, Can you believe that 2021 is almost over as of today we only have 100 days left in 2021. This picture was taken last year, I feel like… [See More...]

- solaiman

Hello Fellows! Today I was a little relaxed because I had only two classes and the first class was started at 9 am in the morning today, so I woke… [See More...]

- iamraincrystal
Midweek Talk : Better Mood | IAAC Year 2

I doubt if you remember my bitmoji last week. My mood wasn't the tops then, plus I have lots on my mind. After last night's bit of drama on my… [See More...]

- masoom
IAAC# 131 and My Actifit Report Card: September 22 2021

Thank Allah Almighty who give me life and I am Alive. 💪 Dear Actifiters wishing you a beautiful Day. 🌹 CAMERA DETAIL TypeSmart Phone MakeHUAWEI ModelRNE-L21 Exposure1/25 Aperture2.2 Focal Length3.8… [See More...]

- atnep111
🤩🤩Risingstar new festival tour in Norway🤩🤩

Good afternoon my friends, how are you? i'n still resting after my morning work, even if i selpt a little in the afternoon i'm more sleepy now, always work too… [See More...]

- atnep111
Il mio Report Actifit: settembre 22 2021

Buon pomeriggio anche oggi stanco morto. Ho finito ora di fare una doccia dopo aver dormito un po' ma sono più stanco di prima. This report was published via Actifit… [See More...]

- yameen

Hello, Beautiful friends of Hive Blockchain! I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. Today I am again sharing my daily quest rewards of the Splinterlands game with… [See More...]

- forexbrokr
The link between Cub Finance (CUB) and LeoFinance (LEO)

Discover the way in which Cub Finance (CUB) and LeoFinance (LEO) are forever linked. By now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard that Cub Finance is the sister project of LeoFinance.… [See More...]

- saviib
Daily Quest 9/21/21 (What are potions for?)

Hi All, I Completed my daily quest on splinterlands, which first of all was really hard due to the fact that I NEVER play with death teams. I was lucky… [See More...]

- monsterbuster
@monsterbuster 's @risingstar block nr. 341

Da @monsterbuster spielt jetzt @risingstar Ein gutes Investment The @monsterbuster now plays @risingstar A good investment Block Nr. 341 deutsch Mein Level ist auf der Stufe 60. Ich habe 135294… [See More...]

- twicejoy2

Good morning to all hiveans and also to all wearealivetribe, I am grateful to be able to witness another day with good health and happiness. Good things comes to those… [See More...]

- twicejoy2

Capture using my phone TECHNO SPARK4 Air Camera Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life. Present one or two image every day. You may add people,… [See More...]

- aiovo
IAAC #93  talk about my hive goals

hey yall I hope everyone is having a great day while staying healthy and safe from covid. take care of yourself and your loved ones while enjoying their company we… [See More...]

- paulmoon410
Trailer Park Preacher 81

 #lassecash #ash #archon #blog #palnet #neox ...

Trailer Park Preacher 81 #creativecoin #lassecash #ash #archon #blog #palnet #neoxian #proofofbrain #bilpcoin #ctp #hivehustlers #christian #maryland #american #life #cent #pesos #pizza #hypno [See More...]