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- atnep111

Goooooooooood evening my friends, how are you? Today i was a little stoned because of cervical pain, but it doesn't matter. I don't wanna stop, keep going on, I took… [See More...]

- nickyhavey

*Image Source* I thought I'd give posting from the Proof of Brain front end a go after recommendation from @calumam - as I wrote on my whiteboard to do it… [See More...]

- atnep111

Buona sera a tutti, nuovo giorno e nuava season, si riparte da capo, la ricompensa di ieri dei 22 scrigni è stata a dir poco pietosa ma oramai ci siamo… [See More...]

- regenerette

White House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says he supports Bitcoin 📣 **Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in California, recently appeared at Squak Box to talk about the Biden government's various… [See More...]

- atnep111

Oggi non stavo tanto bene. Mi sono alzato e mi sentivo come se avessi avuto una montagna sopra di me. Colpa della cervicale. Capogiri e mancanza di forze. Nonostante tutto… [See More...]

- ahmadmangazap

#### Your #embarrassing moments right now, will one day become funny #memories! > ...Or not! > but let's focus on the ones that do! *I know many of mine did~*… [See More...]

- iamraincrystal

Yup, they do. For me, it's closer to simple things around. First, there was Inni d'cat coming home after being gone for a year. Today, another one happened in the… [See More...]

- cryptounicorn420

As i sit here smoking my Guice strain of cannabis I felt inspired to write my opinion on something that has been bothering me for decades. Please note that this… [See More...]

- designieplay

[Source]( I hear a lot of people talk about quality product, quality product, quality product… yes, quality product is super important in business, however, never underestimate the power of quality… [See More...]

- yameen

Hello all friends of Hive Blockchain, I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. Today I am again sharing my daily quest rewards of the Splinterlands game with… [See More...]

- monsterbuster

Da @monsterbuster spielt jetzt @risingstar Ein gutes Investment The @monsterbuster now plays @risingstar A good investment Block Nr. 195 deutsch Mein Level ist auf der Stufe 59. Ich habe 118523… [See More...]

- monsterbuster

deutsch Die 747. Tägliche Aufgabe und 14. Aufgabe der neuen Saison. Heute war Earth Splinter an der Reihe. Habe 24 verloren und 6 gewonnen. Ich bin heute in der gleichen… [See More...]

- acom

We are totally pumped to declare the partnership of another venture that has been three years in the making, and it begins with a relationship with ACOM. One of the… [See More...]

- atnep111

Good evening my friends, after another day of work i'm here very tired and sleepy. To be honest right now i just want to sleep and rest. My mind is… [See More...]

- atnep111

Buona sera a tutti , manca poco alla fine della season, solo 44 minuti, nel frattempo mi accingo a fare la missione giornaliera, nonostante stasera sia più stanco che mai.… [See More...]

- nickyhavey ### BBC Introducing Ever since the "blue screen of death" on my music PC (which I have nearly fully recovered now! Just have to find the presets I used… [See More...]

- atnep111

Ho finito da poco di cenare e fare una doccia. In questo momento sono sul letto a riposare. Mi sento davvero stanco in questo momento. Più tardi farò la missione… [See More...]

- iamraincrystal

It's pretty late as I was recording the video.. my last task before calling it a night 😉👍🏼 I'm counting down to my #iamalivechallenge video anniversary. Wow! Time passes anyway… [See More...]

- yameen

Hello good friends of Hive Blockchain, I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. Today I am again sharing my daily quest rewards of the Splinterlands game with… [See More...]

- ahmadmanga

Shin Megami Tensei series is big! There are more spin-off series than main series entries. Enough that the sub-series Persona formed its own identity. Many people don't realize its SMT… [See More...]